Cub Scout Pack 16

St. Joseph Catholic Church

Canton, Oh 44708

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Cubmaster Letter

Welcome to the BSA Pack 16, Canton, Ohio. We hope that our link on the pack 16 web site ( will to be a useful tool for providing you with up-to-date information regarding the activities of our pack. We appreciate your support of our pack and always welcome your comments and/or suggestions.

The Scouts, the families, and the pack must work together to create a solid Scouting program. The Scouting program is an exercise in cooperation among all three. The pack cannot give your son a good program if the support of the parents and volunteers is lacking. Participation by the Scouts in activities also leads to a better program. The following is expected from each part of the triad.

The Scout's Obligations to the Pack
Do My Best in everything I do.
Obey the pack's rules and regulations.
Obey den leaders, assistant den leaders, and den chiefs. Follow their rules and regulations.
Work on my achievements and electives and advance in a timely manner.
Participate in Scout activities whenever possible.
Respect others, their rights, and their property at all times. Show respect for the BSA.
Treat the United States Flag and the Pledge of Allegiance with equal respect.
Regular attendance at weekly meetings and pack activites, I can't advance if I don't show to meetings.
Call my den leader or ask my parent to call if I cannot attend a meeting or function.
Keep my uniform clean and in good repair with all my insignia properly placed.
Wear my uniform/pack t-shirt proudly to all events and functions unless told otherwise by my den leader.

Parental Obligations to the Pack
Work with your son on his achievements and electives. Scouting is a "family affair" and he cannot do it alone. If assistance is needed, ask your son's den leader.
Accompany your son to the den/pack meeting. One parent is required for tiger scouts, but any parent is welcome to stay at the meetings.
During the pack meeting the entire family is welcome. We expect any younger siblings to be supervised and not allowed to cause a distraction during the pack meeting and would encourage the siblings to participate as well.
Escort your son into the den/pack meetings. Make sure the leader is there and no last minute changes have been made. If you don't stay for the meeting please pick up your son on time.
Volunteer and become involved. When we ask for parental assistance there is a reason: The more active and involved you are, the more you and your son will enjoy the Cub Scout experience.
Sign up to help with snacks and drinks. We would like for snacks and drinks to be at all den meetings. The pack meeting the food/snacks and drinks will be provided by the pack.
Voice your opinions, thoughts, and comments any leader or committee member. The only way the program can be improved is to know what you and your son wants.
Let us know of any problems as soon as they occur. Don't wait! We cannot know about something that is upsetting you unless we are told.

The Pack's Obligations to You and Your Son
Provide a solid Scouting program that you can both be proud of.
Provide the means of advancement in a timely manner for the Scouts.
Provide quality trained den leaders.
Provide the opportunity to participate in various outings and activities.
Provide a safe Scouting environment and meeting place.
Communicate news and current Scout events to you in a timely manner.

Should you have any questions regarding scouting or our pack, please contact one of us.

Thank you for your support of Pack 16!